Keto Vs Paleo Diet

Keto VS Paleo?  What’s the difference?

Both are significant changes in a daily diet, both have benefits.  Both work for some and don’t work for others.  So how do you know which diet to follow?  There are so many fad diets out on the market and every single one of them has multiple followers, who have had great success.

See the major differences below:

Keto: The name says it all.  The goal of a keto diet is to optimize the specific foods in your diet to raise your ketone levels and get your body into active ‘ketosis.’  Ketosis is a metabolic state, where your body will use stored fats as fuel, when carbohydrates aren’t available.  Your body will burn fat, because it’s using the stored fat for energy.  A Keto diet is also extremely low in carbohydrates; less than 20g per day is all you may be allowed.  On the other end of the spectrum, the keto diet stresses the importance of healthy fats and requires a very high fat intake.

Paleo: The goal of a Paleo diet is to focus on the quality of intake.  Foods that are generally whole and unprocessed, natural and rich in nutrients and doesn’t focus on ketone levels, at all.  While the Paleo diet has a significant reduction in carbohydrates, there is a big difference in the amount of carbs, than that of a keto diet.  This diet will also support the importance of consuming healthy fats, however the paleo diet won’t require a high fat intake to be successful.

Looking at these differences, you will have to decide which is the one you will most likely be able to continue, long-term.  Keto is a bit more drastic than a paleo diet, and if you’re feeding a family, a paleo diet is more reasonable.  If you are struggling with diabetes and want to lower blood sugar levels fast, keto is the way to go.


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