5 Simple Steps to Jump Start Your Healthier Eating

How do you start eating clean and change your lifestyle, without completely changing your favorite foods?

 You don’t have to deprive yourself to lose weight or meet your BMI goals.  You don’t have to cut out carbs, in fact, your body will need certain carbohydrates for energy.  (I’m not speaking against the KETO diet… that is a separate topic for a separate purpose.  You can read more about the KETO diet, here).  You don’t have to cut out fat, in fact, many fats are good fats that your body really needs.  You don’t have to cut out everything that is detrimental.  A sudden, BIG change is difficult and usually the reason why it is so tough to stay the course.

See how you can lose weight, build muscle, improve your energy, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and overall, just FEEL BETTER!  Follow along with these simple steps to get started.  This is a good starting point.  Keep reading for more options and tools to help you succeed!

  1. Eat Breakfast – Breakfast is truly, the most important meal of the day.  After fasting all night, your body needs something to get your metabolism into ‘working mode.’ 

clean eating breakfast

  1. Eat smaller and more frequent meals – Always eat until satisfied, but never until you are full.  Your body will process the food faster and better if portions are sensible.

Portion Control Measuring SpoonsClick here to view and/or order this simple portion control serving set.  This takes the pain out of measuring.

  1. Read all labels – It’s a bit tedious, but extremely important.  The nutrition facts give a serving size.  Stay within the serving sizes.  If you even continue your current daily diet, but keep to the serving sizes, creating a calorie deficit will prove some results.  Nothing like a full-time meal plan, but something to get you started.

Smart Kitchen Scale

Check out this SMART kitchen scale!  It displays all of your nutrition facts and the touch of a button, to make for easy calorie and macro tracking! Click the link to order.

  1. Plan your menu and shop with a grocery list – Planning ahead makes it easier to stick with a meal plan and not give in to the convenience of eating out.  However, there are many ways to eat clean when eating out.  You will just have better results if you cook more at home.

Meal Prep Clean Eating Foods

  1. Add vegetables to your meals and drink water as your beverage. – Vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals your body needs, not to mention fiber.  If you struggle to get them in your body, start by adding some seasoning and cook them.  They do lose some nutrients as they cook, but you will still get many benefits from cooked vegetables, which is much better than not consuming them. Water is necessary.  It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces fatigue and boosts energy, keeps your metabolism at an efficient pace and many more benefits!

Vegetables and Water

This is just a start!  Download my free RECIPE OF THE WEEK!  Each week, I’ll post a new, clean recipe that the whole family will love. 

If this feels impossible, grab a friend and give it a try.  It’s always difficult to make a change, alone.  If you want some guidance, try my 8-week challenge, ‘Lean Into It.’  The program is online and you will receive all of the tools you need to get started and stay the course.  Others will join and we will have lots of motivation and feedback via a Facebook group.  Click the program link to learn more!

If that’s still a bit steep and scary, try my 1-week challenge, where I will ask you some of your favorite foods and give you a 1-week meal plan.  If it motivates you to continue, I will discount the Lean Into It program for the remainder of the 6 weeks. 


See some of my past clients’ results below!